Covering Governor Jerry Brown’s involvement in the new America’s Pledge initiative, Capitol Public Radio spoke with Near Zero’s Danny Cullenward:

The project’s goal, according to the Brown Administration, is to track climate change efforts by states, cities and businesses across the United States. Brown and Bloomberg hope to fill some of the leadership void created when President Trump announced he’ll withdraw the nation from the Paris climate accord.

Stanford energy economist Danny Cullenward called Brown’s initiative an important step. He added, however, that it will take “a culture of transparency and rigor” to produce long-lasting results.

“The challenge is how do you make these initial impressions last? How do you make these efforts sustain and build into real policy actions that build over time?” Cullenward said.

Read the full article, “Gov. Jerry Brown’s New Effort To ‘Fill The Void’ On Climate Leadership,” by Chris Nichols, on the Capitol Public Radio website.