Covering subnational climate policy action and California’s leading role, Amanda Paulson at The Christian Science Monitor spoke with Near Zero’s Danny Cullenward:

“California is in the interesting situation of exploring the path to deep decarbonization,” says Danny Cullenward, an energy economist and policy director of Near Zero, a nonprofit that analyzes ways to quickly cut greenhouse gas emissions with a focus on California.

Its efforts, he says, could ripple far beyond the state.

“The process of planning and thinking through really radical transformations in the energy sector is a process everyone is going to have to go through,” says Mr. Cullenward. The work that happens at the regional level, he adds, could inform broader national efforts.

For instance, California’s efforts to achieve 100 percent clean electricity by 2045, as pledged in a new law signed by Governor Brown, is “going to set up a real planning process to start talking about how we transition the grid,” Cullenward says.

Read the full article, “Amid dire climate warnings, blue state pledges carry new weight” by Amanda Paulson, on The Christian Science Monitor website.