Covering California’s agreement with four major carmakers on tailpipe emissions standards, Rachel Becker of CalMatters spoke with Near Zero’s Danny Cullenward.

For Danny Cullenward, policy director at climate change think tank Near Zero and member of the Independent Emissions Market Advisory Committee, the deal isn’t a clear win for the climate, or for California. “At best it’s a pragmatic compromise that trades policy ambition to reduce the risk of a serious loss in court,” he said.

With lawsuits looming ahead, the move demonstrates just how radical the Trump administration’s approach to the rollbacks are, if four automakers are voluntarily agreeing to recognize California’s authority, he said. But he raises unanswered questions about how the framework will work: how will these new standards affect the other states that follow California’s lead? And could it undercut California’s ability to require more sales of zero emissions vehicles in the state in the future?

Read the full article, “California’s emissions deal with automakers dodges Trump EPA plan to gut rules,” by Rachel Becker, on the CalMatters website.