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State constitutional limitations on the future of California’s carbon market

We suggest options for modifying a post-2020 version of California’s cap-and-trade system to fit within the constraints of two major tax regulations, Propositions 13 and 26.

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Partner project: Expert elicitation survey on future wind energy costs

Using tools developed by Near Zero, a team of researchers has completed the largest expert survey yet on any energy technology.

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An unprecedented push for low-carbon energy innovation

In May 2016, Near Zero gathered perspectives from 45 experts in Mission Innovation countries to explore opportunities for further low-carbon energy R&D.

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Global priorities for zero-emission energy innovation

To accelerate affordable, zero-emission energy at global scale, additional funds for research and development (R&D) should be allocated across a broad portfolio, according to a Near Zero expert elicitation, with more than half the funds going toward electricity and transportation.


Coffee and Climate: A Common Problem

Even though the office I work in is full of people claiming to be willing to sacrifice a little bit for the greater good, we can’t get people to cooperate enough to maintain a steady flow of drinkable coffee.

credit for header photo: Krystle Mikaere