California’s Cap-and-Trade Reforms: March 2018 Comment Letter

At a workshop earlier this month, ARB released its initial thinking on how to implement the post-2020 market design reforms required by AB 398. We comment on ARB’s overall market design proposal and proposed interpretation of AB 398 offsets limits.

Interpreting AB 398’s carbon offsets limits

The California Air Resources Board has released its initial thinking on how to incorporate new limits on the use of carbon offsets in its post-2020 cap-and-trade market design, as required by AB 398. We review two key issues here.



Linking, banking, and offsets

In discussions of California climate bill SB 775, one of the issues that has drawn the most criticism—and frankly, the most inaccurate criticism—regards linking the state’s cap-and-trade market with similar markets in other jurisdictions

credit for header photo: Krystle Mikaere